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STEPPING STONE HOUSE: Sober Living Homes Meriden

Callan also thought it better to include only men, having observed thatthe co-ed living environment is not always ideal for those in early recovery. A supervised residence is yet another option run by a group of people. The individuals managing the location are licensed professionals, though this licensing differs from one area to the next. A final form is a service provider, which is more like an institutional provider. This level of care is higher, though not formally the same thing as an intensive inpatient treatment program.

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When you enter our community, you are immediately plugging into the greater recovery network in North Alabama. Stepping Stones believes in carrying the message – our residents regularly support outreach events at community based organizations and non-profits. James is dedicated to recovery and builds on his years of experience with 12 Step programs. At Stepping Stones his role is to work with new residents helping them build healthy peer relationships and find a 12 Step sponsor. A ball of energy, James motivates others to move forward in their lives with freedom from substance abuse.

The Experience Blog

His duties include peer counseling, life skills training, intake, and managing residential life. Timothy has worked in the recovery field for many years and serves as a mentor to our Level 1 residents as well as fostering leadership with our house presidents. Originally from the Florence, Alabama area, he relocated to Huntsville so he could be part of both Stepping Stones and Huntsville’s growth. A talented musician, Timothy encourages residents to find their passion as they begin their recovery journey.

Health Care

You need to communicate where you are and what you’re doing so someone knows how to help you if you need it. Fran is a servant-leader in the greater Huntsville community. She also operates Manna House, which feeds hundreds of needy men, women, and children weekly. Her experience makes Fran well suited to support the mission of Stepping Stones. Stepping Stones has zero tolerance for residents using in our homes and will ask residents to leave the house who don’t adhere to the rules outlined in their lodger agreement.

Get Healthy, Clean, and Sober

Although our origins are in the tradition of Oxford House, we evolved as our residents needed more support than a strictly peer-run recovery organization could provide. He does this by visiting other programs across the country, advocating for increased investment in peer-based initiatives that address the chronic nature of addictiont. Eric is a founding member of the Alabama Coalition for Fentanyl Treatment and Prevention lobbying for increased funding state-wide.

  1. They offer a higher level of focus on social support, giving you someone to talk to and help you.
  2. Sober living is a residential environment where individuals recovering from addiction to alcohol and drugs can live in community with like-minded housemates.
  3. Eric founded Stepping Stones to develop and deliver community based recovery models for substance abuse.
  4. By being surrounded by other like-minded individuals with similar goals, you’ll receive the constant support and encouragement you need to succeed.

If you are able to be a part of a recovery residence, it will be important to understand what type of environment is present. Rather, it is an association whose members operate such programs. Each Stepping Stones sober home has a on-site house manager whose responsibility Rockland Recovery Review is to ensure the well being of the house occupants. All with at least one year of sobriety, the house managers show a commitment to working a 12-step program in their daily lives, and demonstrate through their actions that they can lead by example.

Although trained as a physicist, Eric has taken an interest in community-based social models to address issues such as addiction, homelessness, and unemployment. His research also examines the role of mental health in recovery homes, especially those with dual-diagnosis. Our mission is to provide safe, supportive sober living communities for those in recovery.

Over the next 3 years, he saw the difference these rules made in his house, and how they helpedthe men in early recovery to stay sober. In 2002, Callan opened a second branch of that houseand ran both residences as sober houses. He moved into the new house to guide and support thenew roommates and hired a house manager for the original residence. Working a strong recovery program, building healthy supports, making amends and becoming a productive member of society are all necessary to achieve success in recovery. To stay sober you need to insert yourself into a safe living environment, away from the toxic unhealthy situations and people that are keeping you from living a clean and sober program. If you are in drug rehab right now or entering it through FHE Health, your goal should be to focus on your current needs.

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